Reflections Mid Year Zine!

Reflections is taking submissions for our Mid-Year Zine! Our submissions are collected, arranged, and credited before being published for the school. WHAT’S A ZINE? Zine is short for Magazine because it is, unsurprisingly, a short magazine! Your work will be featured together with the work’s title and your name underneath. If you would like to [...]

Spooky Stories: Winners!

The winners of the contest are up! Congratulations to Ruth Benyo (first place) and Ellie Kidder (second place)!   "Whispers of a massacre were always there, for that date, that time and that place but we never believed them. Until it was too late." - Ruth Benyo "Scrolling through the images, her finger accidentally double-tapped the [...]

6-Word Story Winners

Thanks to everyone who submitted entries to the 6-Word Story Contest. The judging was hard but after much contemplation here are the winners: 1st Place - Alejandro Cancio "Sale: Adulthood! Costs only your imagination" 2nd Place - Cooper Ernst Who found the love I lost? 3rd Place - Ellie Kidder Sometimes, words can't express a [...]